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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Why is it so hard to find a job? - Guard

Les Berges / Port Solforino (overlooking the Louvre), Paris, France


Blogger Christel said...


15 October 2013 02:46  
Blogger J.A. Thompson said...

Imagine being the individual to stumble across one of these installations; it might throw one's sense of perspective for a bit of a loop.

4 November 2013 06:49  
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23 January 2014 23:09  
Blogger Susan Jones said...

Lovely little people :)

1 February 2014 04:07  
Blogger Friend for you said...

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8 February 2014 13:38  
Anonymous biodata said...

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20 February 2014 21:05  
Anonymous kobelee said...

XD...You have a very healthy image, how could not you find jobs? why not look here for u first jod

28 February 2014 07:25  
Anonymous Security Recruiter said...

Always nice to see views of this great city "Paris" ! Who wants really to work, finds a job ... Maybe a little more flexible !

2 March 2014 14:58  
Anonymous employment attorney maryland said...

I've found a job in this great city, but unfortunately the employer failed to honor the law on fair labor standards and didn't pay me the due wages for "off the clock" work. I need to know what can be done about it.

7 March 2014 12:52  
Anonymous kata kata lucu said...

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11 March 2014 07:59  
Blogger maría cecilia said...

Holaaaa!! ah! surprises!

13 March 2014 02:28  
Blogger Abbie Swan said...

Ah I love this- my goal is to find one of these.

If you like anything arty please have a look at my blog thank you :)!

13 March 2014 11:27  
Anonymous obat tradisional penyakit stroke said...

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24 March 2014 03:45  
Anonymous Cassandre* said...

Bravo c'est vraiment magnifique !
J'aimerai beaucoup trouver une de vos œuvres en France.. (mais je ne suis pas sur Paris..)
It's really beautiful ! I would like to find it in france.. but i'm not in Paris !
But congrats ! :D

2 April 2014 21:51  
Anonymous Autumn May Dale said...

Well, it is really hard to find a job nowadays but then I love those photos. It so cute. Keep posting!

8 April 2014 07:34  
Anonymous hairstyle said...

thank mas bro

12 April 2014 10:27  

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