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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Why is it so hard to find a job? - Construction Worker

Université de Nanterre, Paris, France

I've just got back from Paris where I was helping to promote ReAct Paris, a conference organised by the European Parliament to tackle the problems of unemployment in Europe, particularly youth unemployment, which in some parts of Europe stand close to a miserable 30%. 

I was leaving miniature workers hidden around the streets of Paris and asking the question "Why is it so hard to find a job?"

The following installations were all shot in Paris for the event. 

Find out more about the conference at and join in the debate through the live stream on 15th October at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just don't see connection between "why is it so hard to find job?" and your these nice little installations. It seems this "job" series lacks something compare to other your works like war children etc.
Are you aiming to achieve to just make people to say your work is so cute, very skillful, nice..?

16 October 2013 19:30  
Blogger walter said...

Hi, I'm Belgian, saw your little book ("Little people in the city"") in the bookstore Fnac in Ghent ! Love your work !

21 October 2013 21:16  
Blogger Goldie ZP said...

Interesting work that you have here. Wondering if I can find in the states.

28 October 2013 17:18  
Blogger serendipity805 said...

Do u have instagram? Your art would look so amazing there :) Love the miniature mona lisa, yup but don't really get the connection why the guard said its so hard to get a job.

29 October 2013 01:18  
Anonymous Rocky said...

Be careful there. You guys might fall! They're amazing. Your imagination is beyond expectation.

30 October 2013 17:16  
Blogger Sanola Jerry said...

This is only because construction jobs are seasonal jobs and it is hard to find the next job after finishing the earlier job.

Sanola Jerry

Plos Constructions

9 November 2013 07:20  
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Blogger M. said...

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26 February 2014 08:45  
Blogger M. said...

Aha, great concept! ^^ It's cool to read than people still care about unemployment. Nice pics of Paris, btw.

26 February 2014 08:46  
Blogger Tae Seong Kwon said...

so creative.. this metaphor...

6 March 2014 03:39  
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Blogger Carman Chow said...

i really love your work. i like it how you take picture to the small pieces and zoom out to the environment. the way of your presentation do not only leave me a space to think about how the work is related to the topic, but also made me think the serious of the problem you mentioned.

anyways, i have a question. so what do the mini figures made? plastic? sponge?

11 April 2014 19:20  
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